√ 2022-2023 Training for actors with Paco Sepulveda.                                                                                                                                                                     √ 2020 Laboratory for actors and directors with Andrés Lima (La Ventana – recursos artísticos.)
√2019 Training for the camera with Andrea Jaurrieta, in the Central of Cinema.
√ 2019 Workshop with Michael Christensen (Big Apple Circus)
√ 2019 Musical habilities with Jose F. Mena
√ 2018 Masterclass, technical of acting Chejov with Daniel Moreno.
√ 2017 Scenic speech and verse, based on the Cicely Berry technique, with Crisitna Galea.
√ 2017 Improvisation training with Improimpar Madrid.
√ 2016 Training with casting directors: Tonucha Vidal, Andrés Cuenca, Álvaro Haro y Carmen Utrilla.
√ 2016 Training for the camera with Jorge Gurpegui.
√ 2016 Acting in English with Victoria di Pace
√ 2015 Acting training in the studio of Iñaki Aierra.
√ 2014 Dramatic Arts at the School DD Study of Actors (Dramatic Art and Interpretation with Natalie Pinot and Xavier Castiñeira, voice, singing and rhythm classes with Andrés Navarro, Classical and contemporary dance with Bárbara Fritsche, verse with Ángel Amorós and Commedia dell’arte with Ana Vázquez de Castro).
– Hospital artist at Theodora Foundation
– Voice over and dubbing
– Yoga, Improvisation
– Scenic fight and medieval sword

Cinema and Television: 2023: ‘Mientras Duermo’. Main Character. A shortfilm directed by Toni O.Prats. 4Dimensions Productions and Krakon Productions. 2023: ‘In the Earth’. Ingedda Producciones. 2023: ‘The Brigthness’. A film by Decibelia Porducciones. 2022: ‘Paula’. Main Character. Nera Producciones. 2021: ‘Pachamama’. Main Character. A shortfilm by Samuel Sanchez. Filmsamer Producciones. 2020: ‘Victoria 2030’. Main Character. A film directed by Manuel Serrano. Premiered in 2021. 2020:“Aunque mamá no esté a tu lado”. Main Character. A shortfilm of Armando Molina II.
2020: “Los pájaros no pueden volar”. Main Character. A shortfilm of Armando Molina II. 2020: “A.A x Siempre”. Main Character. A shortfilm of Tomás Naranjo Cluet. 2018: ‘Cabezas’, directed by Coral Igualador. El Experimento Producciones. 2018: ‘La vida sin mí’, directed by Inge Vela. Ingedda Producciones. 2017: Documentary series ‘La ciencia cotidiana’, episodic character, TVE. 2016: ‘La reina intocable’, by Basilio Aguilera. Studio Movement Producciones. 2015: ‘A Date’, by Elisabeth Larena. NotodoFilmFest. 2015: ‘Kapowsky’, by Armando Molina II, main character Dr. Kapowsky. The 36hsf contest at the San Sebastian festival.

Dubbing: 2018: Several commercials for Natural Athlete. 2017: Advertising spot dubbing for EcoIdeas.

Theater: 2019: ‘Dios K’ . Directed by Cristóbal Arias. Written by Antonio Rojano. 2018: ‘Tito Andrónico’, by Cía Sempiterno Movement. Role: Tamora. Theater Festival of the Old Mine. 2018: ‘Who closes your eyes?’, directed by Jose Luis Sixto. Roles: Grandmother, Jarvia, Child and Sergeant of the SS. 2017: ‘Usted tiene ojos de mujer fatal…en la radio’, Cía PasoAzorín. Fernán Gómez Theater. 2017: ‘El Experimento’, improvisation show of Coral Igualador. Quevedo Theater and Off of La Latina. 2016: ‘El síndrome de los agujeros negros’, directed by Ramón Paso. LaNao Theater8. 2016: ‘¡Hazlo nena, hazlo!’, directed by Ramón Paso. El Montecargas teatro. 2016: ‘Amor Atado’, Cía Fierabrás, Teatro LaNao8. 2015: ‘Noche de chicas’, direction and acting. MicroteatroPorDinero. 2014: Actress and Host – English and Spanish – for the American company Nickelodeon TV. 2013: ‘La casa de Bernarda Alba’, directed by Xavier Castiñeira. Character: Magdalena. 2011: Comic monologist in the Club of the good life.

Others: 2020: Webseries #Ilumina2, main character. Since 2018: Giggle Doctor for Theodora Foundation 2016: Actress in Sketches for YouTube ‘Lekrank’. Production company: Kumlaude. 2016: Co-producer in the documentary project ‘How I Met Spielberg’, by Armando Molina II. Presented at various international festivals. 2016: Spot ‘La Pedida’ de Langa / De la Vega. Producer: ASFC Films. 2013: ‘Loser’s’, written and produced by Jennifer Rubio. Main character: Paola. 2013: ‘The Drug’s Clan’, webseries written and directed by Jonay Armando López. Main character: Julia

Languages: Spanish: Native / English: High Level